Top video production trends in 2022

For years, video has steadily grown in popularity, mostly considering it’s such a versatile and constructive way to reach an audience. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this trajectory unfurled in 2022. Today, 92.7% of global internet users watch videos online every week, with the typical viewer averaging 100 minutes per day. It’s well-spoken the video bandwagon has wilt a runaway train in the past few years — and it’s not likely to slow lanugo unendingly soon. Which brings a new rencontre for businesses and creators of all kinds: How will you unhook content that meets the massive demand for video? The wordplay may come from understanding video production trends. 

This year, there have been some notable shifts in the types of video content that audiences engage with, as well as the topics that interest those audiences most. The trends we observed in 2022 just might help you create videos that hit all the right notes with your audiences in 2023.

How we identified the top video production trends in 2022

To unriddle this year’s video production trends and create out 2022 video trends report, we gleaned insights from several sources. First, we conducted external research to find the most popular types of video content created in 2022. Then, we examined our own platform data to identify which search terms were most popular among Storyblocks users in 2022. Since our customers are on the leading whet of video creation, their searches are strong indicators of audiences’ in general, and the specific topics that matter right now. 

As a result, we were worldly-wise to pinpoint six key video production trends. Plus, we found several topics you can focus on to create can’t-miss video content in 2023. Without remoter ado… here’s the 2022 video trends report:

  1. Short-form video content

Short-form videos are bite-sized and highly shareable — usually topping out at 60 seconds in length. The format first gained traction when in 2012, when it was popularized by the gone-but-never-forgotten platform, Vine. Readers of a unrepealable age will remember that Vine unliable users to hands create and share six-second looping video clips. Since Vine fizzled out in 2016, others like TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram have filled the void. 

TikTok vacated is expected to reach 1.8 billion users by the end of the year. Storyblocks users are definitely enlightened of the app’s popularity, as “TikTok” topped our most-searched-for topics list for nearly half of 2022. What’s more, creators have attracted huge audiences with punchy, short-form videos that focus on everything from financial translating to cooking. Plane YouTube, a historically medium- to long-form-centric video platform, now offers YouTube Shorts as a response to the huge demand for short-form video.  

Short videos are popular in part considering they cater to the shorter sustentation spans that today’s audiences are notorious for having. They’re moreover a lot quicker, easier, and less expensive to produce than lengthier videos. That’s considering you only need a mobile device with a camera to create them. The length limitations associated with short-form videos haven’t stopped creators from flexing their creative muscles with the format this year. If anything, short-form enthusiasts have ripened new ways to incorporate music, green screens, and sound effects in their videos. 

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If you’re looking to create short-form videos of your own, start by focusing on a single topic of wholesale interest. Just remember the format inherently limits the value of time you have to get your message across. That just ways you need to unchangingly be transitory and to the point. Popular search terms can provide clues to the types of topics that will resonate with your audiences. Throughout 2022, Storyblocks users searched our content library for topics that were ripe for short-form videos. We saw a big uptick in “pride” searches during the month of June. Topics related to Russia’s war in Ukraine moreover dominated searches for the majority of the year. Several of these terms trended on Storyblocks for multiple weeks including “Putin” (7 weeks), “NATO” (12 weeks), and “Ukraine flag” (4 weeks). 

  1. Vlogging

Video blogging (or “vlogging”) isn’t new. It unquestionably first emerged in the early 2000s. But, it came roaring when on the video production scene as a popular storytelling method, this year. Nearly 30% of internet users weather-beaten 16-44 say they watch vlogs on a weekly basis. Written blogs will probably unchangingly be around, but words on a screen can’t unchangingly unhook the same kind of sensory wits as a vlog. 

Vlogging provides an spanking-new opportunity to connect with your regulars and infuse your personality into your videos. It’s a endangerment to really lean into authenticity to build meaningful connections with your audience. The format works particularly well if you aren’t wrung to withstand a little bit of your soul in your videos, which you can do by choosing topics you have strong opinions on. In 2022, topics that yank passionate feelings like “abortion” (5 weeks trending) and “recession” (17 weeks trending) were popular among Storyblocks users searching for topical stock content.

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In recent years, YouTube has emerged as a go-to platform for vloggers who are using it to share their experiences and stories with a global audience. As of 2022, YouTube is the second-most popular website in existence (trailing only their parent company, Google). It has 2.2 billion monthly zippy users wideness 100 countries — and users upload an stereotype of 2,500 new videos every minute. No wonder online video viewership is poised to overtake subscription television by the end of 2022, equal to Forbes. 

  1. Live video

Thanks to today’s lightning-fast internet speeds and ubiquitous connectivity, a mobile device is all you really need to unconcentrated live video to your audience. The pandemic gave live video a big boost, when face-to-face interactions were replaced with Zoom and FaceTime calls. But live video has proven it isn’t just for socially distanced classes or work calls, anymore. A recent study projected the live streaming market’s value could grow from $70 billion in 2021 to nearly $224 billion by 2028. 

Instagram Live and Facebook are two popular platforms you can use to unconcentrated live video. Going live can be nerve wracking for some, since it doesn’t requite you the worthiness to edit out any flubs. But, it’s unconfined for regulars engagement, considering it lets you communicate and get feedback in real time. That firsthand feedback is your golden ticket to creating more engaging video content in the future. So, while the pandemic may have slowed down, live video has solidified itself as a trend to watch (and try for yourself).

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If you’re thinking well-nigh giving live video a whirl, consider using it for thought-leadership content. The authenticity factor particularly matters when you’re sharing your opinions on a current or potentially controversial topic. Throughout 2022, Storyblocks users commonly searched our content library for weighty live topics like “interest rates” (9 weeks trending) and “Ukraine war” (12 weeks trending). These are just a couple examples of topics you may want to discuss in your next live video.   

  1. Strained intelligence (AI)

For decades we’ve been eagerly pensile the promised inrush of full-fledged strained intelligence (AI). Although we might not have robot housekeepers like the Jetsons just yet, AI has wilt a major video production trend. Today, you can infringe some computer brainpower to create personalized content your regulars will want to watch and share. 

AI art generation engines like DALL-E 2 became a viral sensation in 2022. These tools indulge users to create complex, at times unconvincing original images just by inward a simple text prompt. The natural progression for this technology is AI-driven video creation. Synthesia is one platform offering a DALL-E 2-like platform for creating videos using plain text. While Descript uses AI to help creators make creative adjustments to their videos on the fly. We’ve plane gotten into the game at Storyblocks by using machine learning to help you select the weightier creative assets for your video projects.

Recommended Music from StoryblocksStoryblocks uses AI to recommend music for your video projects

More and increasingly creators are rhadamanthine enlightened of AI’s time- and money-saving benefits for video production. As a result, growth is surging in the global AI market. And that’s unseat to translate to increasingly innovation and a greater selection of tools rhadamanthine misogynist surpassing you know it. Requite this trend a try surpassing your competition catches on.

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Using AI can requite you a spark of inspiration you may never have discovered otherwise, permitting you to put a dynamic spin on virtually any topic. “Halloween” (7 weeks trending) and “back to school” (6 weeks trending) were popular search terms among Storyblocks users in 2022. Both topics evoke highly familiar (sometimes plane cliche) imagery. It can be a creative rencontre to think vastitude the usual jack-o-lantern and world for the teacher visuals. But, typing those terms into an AI-enabled video engine can help you quickly generate fresh ideas for an entirely unique concept.

  1. Silent video

On most social platforms, videos start playing on mute by default. This full-length was probably intended to help viewers stave worrying other people in public places. But it inadvertently led to a whole new video production trend: The silent video. 

A video with only visual elements may seem somewhat limiting, but it unquestionably gives you a endangerment to get increasingly creative with your visuals. Believe it or not, you can tell a well-constructed story with no sound at all by using captions or subtitles, or with photos and video footage that speak for themselves. Motion graphics are flipside unconfined way to tell a story in total silence while maximizing visual interest.

Example of a motion-graphics Instagram video from Storyblocks

Silent videos are a favored format for spelling out ramified subjects in easy-to-understand language. Up to 92% of consumers say they watch videos on mute, anyway. So, it makes perfect sense that silent videos have wilt one of the big video production trends in 2022.

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If you’re thinking well-nigh trying this format out in 2023, segregate a difficult-to-explain or esoteric topic as your starting point. Then, create a compelling silent video to explain it to your audience. Some of the trending topics Storyblocks users searched for in 2022 included “running” (7 weeks trending), and “recession” (17 weeks trending). These topics are likely to stay hot in 2023, so why not let them inspire your first silent video? 

  1. Well-ventilated video footage

Not too long ago, shooting well-ventilated video footage required an expensive crane or helicopter rental to pull off. Which pretty much meant it was limited to big-budget productions. But, consumer drones have really taken off (pun intended) in 2022, with global shipments of drones increasing by 68% this year. The good news is, you can now capture scenic aerial footage with a relatively small investment. (Just be sure to skim up on your local and federal aviation rules surpassing taking to the sky.) 

Aerial footage looks cinematic by nature, so it’s a relatively easy way to add a “wow” factor to your videos. Don’t worry if you aren’t ready to buy your own drone rig. Plane if you want to show pro-quality well-ventilated footage from flipside part of the world, that doesn’t need to stop you. Check out Storyblocks’ wide-stretching hodgepodge of high-quality drone footage, including many 4K clips.

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The weightier well-ventilated video footage includes shots of scenery or events with a lot of eye-catching visuals. Some of the most searched-for topics on Storyblocks in 2022 might moreover inspire you to use well-ventilated footage in your next video. “Diwali” (4 weeks trending), “Chinese New Year” (5 weeks trending), and “autumn” (8 weeks trending) are all unconfined topics to show from the sky.

Use Storyblocks templates to set your own video production trends

No matter your skill level, Storyblocks lets you quickly add eye-popping, on-trend visual flair to any video. And, our Premiere Pro and After Effects templates make it easy to add custom motion graphics to your videos in seconds — no wide software knowledge required. With a Storyblocks subscription, you can download a huge selection of templates, as well as unlimited high-quality stock video resources to create videos faster than ever.

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