Best Canon Wide Angle Lens in 2022 [Beginners Guide]

In this article, we’re going to unravel lanugo the top 6 weightier Weltanschauung wide wile lenses misogynist on the market.

So, if you’re a videographer currently looking for the weightier wide wile lens for weltanschauung then squint no further. Listed unelevated are a variety of options for you to explore. Whether affordability or sharpness is your priority, we’ve got you covered.

What is a Wide Wile Lens?

A wide wile lens has a wider focal length than that of a standard lens, often between 10-35mm. They offer a larger field of view so are often used for location establishing shots or master shots.

This makes them popular for various uses like wildlife filmmaking, sports and plane weddings. Basically anywhere you want a wider field of view.

You can go wider but the image will wilt distorted. These lenses are wontedly known as fish-eye lenses which can be used to disorientate the viewer.

Also, it should moreover be noted that the difference in your camera’s sensor size will stupefy any given lens’s very focal length.

How to Pick the Right Lens

Firstly, it’s important to consider a few things when choosing a Weltanschauung wide lens.

  1. Lens Mount – Which Weltanschauung camera are you shooting with? Is the lens compatible?
  2. Image characteristics – do you want a increasingly natural image or are you looking for something with increasingly character? Is it sharp or soft?
  3. Aperture – Usually measured in F-stops. A lower vent ways increasingly light in the camera and a shallower depth of field.
  4. Size – How big and heavy is the lens?
  5. Focal Length – How wide is the wile of the lens? Is it a zoom lens?
  6. Budget – Do you want something at the lower end, or have you got a bit increasingly to spend?

1. Weltanschauung EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM

  • Lens Mount: Weltanschauung EF-S
  • Focal length: 10-18mm
  • Aperture: f/4.5
  • Minimum Focus Distance: 0.22m
  • Weight: 240g
  • Image Stabilization: Yes
  • Size: 74.6 x 72.0mm
  • Focus Type: Auto/Manual
  • Lens Type: Wide
  • Filter Thread: 67mm

The Weltanschauung EF S 10-18mm lens is a vast resurgence from the standard kit lens. Firstly, it’s unconfined value for money as it covers 18mm all the way to 10mm at its widest focal length.

Secondly, the lens has STM focusing and seated image stabilisation which really sets it untied from the competition. Unfortunately, this Weltanschauung wide lens doesn’t perform the weightier under low-light conditions, but this may not be an issue for you.

So kicking us off the Weltanschauung 10-18mm is a unconfined introduction to wide wile lenses.

Great ValuePoor performance in Low Light
Focal Lengths between 10 -18mmNot the Sharpest
Image stabilisation works wellSTM focusing is a little slow
STM focusing is silent and smooth 
Focuses very closely 

2. Weltanschauung EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM

  • Lens Mount: Weltanschauung EF-S
  • Focal length: 24mm
  • Aperture: f/2.8
  • Minimum Focus Distance: 0.16m
  • Weight: 125g
  • Image Stabilization: No
  • Size: 68.2 x 22.8mm
  • Focus Type: Auto/Manual
  • Lens Type: Fixed Wide
  • Filter Thread: 52mm

The Weltanschauung EF-S 24mm is a strong nomination for a wide wile lens. This is lanugo to its sunny low light performance, lightweight and super low aperture.

Also, it’s really easy to nail and due to its small size, you can hands fit it into your camera bag when you’re out on a shoot. We think this is a really good option for videographers who are without unconfined picture quality without looking to unravel the bank.

This is not a zoom lens so it’s worth making sure you’re happy with the focal length of 24mm surpassing purchasing.

Great Picture QualityNot the sharpest
Good Low Light performanceSlight Lens flaring
Lower Vent ways shallow depth of fieldNot a zoom lens
Very Lightweight 
STM focusing is silent and smooth 

3. Weltanschauung EF 16-35mm f/4L IS USM

  • Lens Mount: Weltanschauung EF
  • Focal length: 16-35mm
  • Aperture: f/4.0
  • Minimum Focus Distance: 0.28m
  • Weight: 615g
  • Image Stabilization: Yes
  • Size: 82.6 x 112.8mm
  • Focus Type: Auto/Manual
  • Lens Type: Wide
  • Filter Thread: 77mm

The EF 16-35mm f/4.0 could be the weightier wide wile lens for canon. This is considering the picture quality is so impressive.

Also, what stands out for us well-nigh this lens is that the range of variegated focal lengths covered makes the lens well-flavored to both drama and documentary shooters.

Although the low light performance isn’t as good as some of the other weltanschauung wide wile lenses it’s worth it for the incredible image quality. Also, did we forget to mention how sharp it is!?

Superb Picture QualityQuite big and heavy
Very SharpBetter options for low light performance
Great wile coverage with zoomQuite expensive
L-series build quality & optics 
Image Stabilisation is good 

4. Weltanschauung EF 35mm f/1.4L II USM

  • Lens Mount: Weltanschauung EF
  • Focal length: 35mm
  • Aperture: f/1.4
  • Minimum Focus Distance: 0.28m
  • Weight: 760g
  • Image Stabilization:
  • Size: 80.4 x 105.5mm
  • Focus Type: Auto/Manual
  • Lens Type: Fixed Wide
  • Filter Thread: 72mm

This is one of our personal favourite Weltanschauung wide lenses. While it may not offer the versatility of a zoom lens it increasingly than makes up for it in its low vent and incredible low-light performance.

So if you’re happy with the focal length of 35mm and willing to spend a little increasingly on a Weltanschauung wide-angle lens this is an spanking-new choice.

Also, it’s tack sharp with scrutinizingly no imperfections and the build quality is superb. For us, this lens is a no-brainer for most weltanschauung shooters, if you couldn’t tell already.

Great Picture QualityExpensive
Excellent Low Light performanceNot a zoom lens
Low Vent ways very shallow depth of field 
Very Lightweight 
35mm focal length 
L-series build quality & optics

5. Weltanschauung RF 15-35mm f/2.8L IS USM

  • Lens Mount: Weltanschauung RF
  • Focal length: 15-35mm
  • Aperture: f/2.8
  • Minimum Focus Distance: 0.28m
  • Weight: 840g
  • Image Stabilization: Yes
  • Size: 88.5 x 126.8mm
  • Focus Type: Auto/Manual
  • Lens Type: Zoom Lens
  • Filter Thread: 82mm

If you’re looking for a wide-angle lens for Weltanschauung EOS-R cameras then this 15-35mm zoom lens could be the right tool for you.

Decent Weltanschauung glass for EOS-R cameras is rare and it’s plane harder to get a zoom lens with such a unceasingly low aperture. So, it’s definitely worth considering the price of this lens as it’s very expensive.

Also, you might not need flipside wide lens without investing in the 15-35mm due to the various focal lengths it covers and its superstitious L-series build quality.

L-series build quality & opticsVery Expensive
Great Low Light performance for a zoom lensQuite Heavy
Great coverage of variegated focal lengths 
Great image quality 
Solid image stabilisation 

6. Weltanschauung EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM

  • Lens Mount: Weltanschauung EF-S
  • Focal length: 10-22mm
  • Aperture: f/3.5
  • Minimum Focus Distance: 0.24m
  • Weight: 385g
  • Image Stabilization: No
  • Size: 83.5 x 89.8mm
  • Focus Type: Auto/Manual
  • Lens Type: Wide
  • Filter Thread: 77mm

The last entry on our list is the impressive Weltanschauung EF-S 10-22mm. This wide wile lens offers super silent autofocus and unconfined build quality for a good price. It definitely shares some similarities with the 10-18mm weltanschauung wide wile lens but a few small differences.

Firstly, the key difference is the lower vent of f/3.5, which ways you get largest low light performance and a tighter focal length of 22mm.

Secondly, we think this zoom lens could be the weightier wide-angle lens for weltanschauung shooters interested in landscape videography. This is considering it is surprisingly sharp wideness the zoom range and performs really well under low light.

Best Ultra Wide Zoom LensOnly For Crop Sensor Cameras
Great Low Light performance for a zoom lensNo Image Stabilisation
Great Image Quality 
Great coverage of variegated focal lengths 
Super Silent Autofocus 

Best Weltanschauung Wide Wile Lens – Wrapping Up

In short, there’s a huge number of options on the market for ownership a new weltanschauung lens. As a result, it can be a bit overwhelming to pick the right one for your individual needs.

It’s important to think well-nigh the variegated factors that will stupefy you as a video shooter. These can include; whether you will be shooting landscapes or establishing shots, looking for a cheaper option or without a zoom lens that covers multiple angles.

You may be looking for the weightier weltanschauung wide lens money can buy, or potentially a increasingly money-friendly alternative. Hopefully, our vendible has helped you get a largest idea of the options available.

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